Missional Church / Seeker Church – are they the same?

In our house church this past week a question came up about what are known as “seeker churches”. Is the Wheatland Mission considered one? I must admit that I was once smitten by the “seeker sensitive” bug and to this day appreciate the ministry of Willow Creek, Bill Hybels and others who paved the way in this arena several years ago.

However, Wheatland is not “seeker sensitive” for several reasons. We are, and are still becoming, a missional church. That means that we are focused on God’s Kingdom, on Christ’s work in the world, and on following Jesus, incarnationally, into the world. In the video below Tim Keller spells out the differences effectively and kindly.

His last comment is not at all intended to scare away our last MBA.


7 thoughts on “Missional Church / Seeker Church – are they the same?

  1. Karm is reading a book about a girl who broke out of the FLDS church. As she was reading aloud in the car today, it became really apparent how we lock ourselves up tight into different systems of thought. We think that we have God packaged into some neat little box that logically explains him. When really, God is so mysterious and so big and doing so much that there is no way we can contain him. What we really need to be doing is searching for God’s truth everywhere, not just inside the four walls of a certain system of thought. I am so thankful to be a part of a church that is exploring and not locking down. I do not think I can ever go back to the other.


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