St. Fiacre AKA “the missional gardener”

David Fitch has a really good blog that I enjoy reading. Brad, a friend of mine in Kansas City and a church plant strategist, directed my attention to this article by David at Reclaiming the Mission. When you read the article I think you will find yourself saying, “yeah, that’s the way it should be”, and then saying, “but there’s no way I could live like that!”

Fitch explains and describes the rule that these new missional communities will adopt. What do you think of all this? Can you imagine yourself in these shoes?

Read it here:  The Missional Order of St. Fiacre

HT: Brad Brisco


3 thoughts on “St. Fiacre AKA “the missional gardener”

  1. makes me even more certain that we are where we should be…difficult at times? yes. in this together with many incredible people? yes.

  2. Sometimes i’m not “missional” nor “mega” and that is where I am right now. As you know with our transition of churches and schools we are learning to be missional in a mega way. 🙂

    We are not making it an issue and from day to day it’s a learning time for our family. Our calling out of Christian school into the public school is teaching us to talk, approach and think differently about reaching out and befriending all walks of life. In the same manner for offering the Good News.

    Sometimes i see missional philosophy coming to focus then it just gets blurry again. I get so hung up on comprehending this “philosophy” that it makes me lose focus on the important…people. I came to the understanding that my frustration was with my lack of understanding of what missional is and not with the people of the missional church.

    Hopefully this will make me a better friend.

  3. Here is how I think a missional approach to life can be worked out in our little community. It means:

    1. “stay close to Jesus”

    2. “be friends/make friends”

    3. “follow Jesus into the world”

    BTW, I love your quote…”learning to be missional in a mega way”. You make a totally new point and use words that can easily become shop talk or jargon. Good job!

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