father joe #2

One of the most moving moments in the film, The Passion, is when Jesus, after falling to the ground, looks to his mother and says, “I am making all things new.” This speaks to the idea of new creation, rebirth and regeneration. It also is an image of the Kingdom of God. Jesus life, death and resurrection secured for us all forgiveness of sins. But, it also inaugurated God’s new reign, which is forever new, the Kingdom of God/Heavens.

In Father Joe the old monk, not long before he dies, has a conversation with his young visitor about change and about “the new”. I can’t help but think he had the Kingdom of God in mind as he spoke:

People are always changing themselves and their world, dear. Very few of the changes are new. We rather confuse change and newness, I think. What is truly new never changes.


4 thoughts on “father joe #2

  1. Then I saw a new heaven and a new earth,
    for the first heaven and the first earth
    had passed away…

    I saw a Holy City, the new Jersalem,
    coming down out of heaven from God…

    …for the old order of things has
    passed away.


    Glory for the New Jerusalem/New Heaven!

    Because of the CROSS, qp

  2. Isn’t that great? Evergreen, always new, never really changing but never old.

    Karmen, I suppose your right that the truth doesn’t change but this “newness” is not just truth as it’s written on the page. But the truth that comes from God, the very work that he himself is doing in the world.

    QP – excellent!

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