Scot McKnight on the “Whole Gospel”

Many of you enjoy the Jesus Creed blog that is maintained by North Park University Professor and New Testament Scholar Scot McKnight. Here is a message he delivered at Andy Stanley’s church in Atlanta recently. He really expands the bounds of what we typically call “The Gospel”.  It is really great stuff.

The Whole Gospel, Scot McKnight at North Point Community Church. 


3 thoughts on “Scot McKnight on the “Whole Gospel”

  1. It was a good message I agree and I know that God will give grace and wisdom for those who will be part of that “individualistic generation.” Tonight I was with a group who are very much in need of being restored, transformed and reconciled to God and with their families. They want that so badly and they are waiting to see if this God they cry out to really hears them. As far as I tell these people know that Jesus not only died for their sins but they know that He rose from the dead too! I believe the area they lack a little knowledge is in the Holy Spirit. Oh I can’t wait to see the Holy Spirit restore, transform and reconcile! The Blessed Trinity!

    thanks for sharing this!

    Because of the CROSS, Qp

  2. It’s great isn’t it Irene. I like McKnight’s point about cracked “eikons” being remade in the image of God, the fellowship of the Trinity. Healing begins at conversion but continues throughout the one’s entire life, maybe even for eternity?

    As far as I’m concerned Scot McKnight is right track.

  3. Paul, thanks for taking time to remember Madeline. Her passing left me very sad, just thinking of her presence not being here physically anymore. She has impacted me more than any other woman author, and her impact began when I was about 10. I read A Wrinkle in Time, not knowing she was a Christian, just excited to find a new sci-fi/fantasy book. But even then, I could see God in her writing instinctively.

    Her writing was a light, and always pressed me toward more of God. I never felt like she was trying to impress me with her thoughts, but that she just wanted me to know my Creator and be a co-creator with Him.

    And I guess even more than her books, I was impacted by how she pursued and lived out her friendships. I met Luci Shaw a few years ago at a writer’s conference, her best friend. When she spoke about Madeline, you knew that she their relationship was a gift to the world, something sacred we could share in along with them. I felt like Madeline was in the room when she spoke of her.

    I feel I’ve lost a loved mentor, a friend, a member of my church, and there is a void in her passing for me.

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