Mother Teresa and Staying Close To Jesus

This fascinating story about Mother Teresa has really stirred up interest.

Things to learn from this? First, if you journal don’t just ask people to destroy what you have written after you die, destroy them yourself. Second, discipleship to Jesus is deeper, richer and more complicated than we can imagine.

A question: What function does doubt play in your faith? Is it helpful or destructive?

“…the believer ought to acknowledge and even celebrate this dark night of the soul, understanding that this is not a threatening darkness which conceals an enemy but is rather the intimate darkness within which we embrace our faith. For when we can say that we would follow God regardless of the uncertainty involved in such a decision, then real faith is born — for love acts not when a certain set of criteria has been met, but rather because it is in the nature of love to act.” – Peter Rollins, How (Not) To Speak Of God


4 thoughts on “Mother Teresa and Staying Close To Jesus

  1. oh my I have actually thought of tearing out pages out of my journals. My journals are sad, full of pain, doubts, and many questions. Many will say, “how could this “prayer warrior” (i hate the title) struggle so much if she prayed all the time.” It’s because I struggle – that I pray.

    Of course I pray for many other reasons or just to chat with Jesus.:)

  2. remember the story about rich mullins and his journals? he had been recording and accidentally left several of his personal journals (notebooks)in the studio. he called the producer and made him promise to get them and get rid of them right away and promise not to read anything – the guy did. he said he found a dumpster and threw them all away on his way home. after rich had died the producer said he wished he had saved them. he was a true friend to get rid of them though – especially since rich was famous.
    i think this was the ragamuffin guy – he spoke at rich’s memorial service here in wichita.

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