So What Are Doing?

I have big dreams of how the Church can impact the world and am grateful for the many ways it has. Mark Galli’s article is a great cautionary reminder of what the Church can, can’t and must do. Give it a read: On Not Transforming the World by Mark Galli.

Do you buy this? How should this affect the way the church operates?


2 thoughts on “So What Are Doing?

  1. I like this article – some really good points.

    I think when there are a bunch of Christians doing the servant things Jesus told us to, then the culture will be transformed, but only because the individuals who collectively make up the culture will be transformed by the Holy Spirit. So it might be very gradual.

    This reminds me of a paper my mother-in-law was writing for her master’s degree in history, and a discussion it provoked among us. The discussion was about (I hope I am recalling this correctly) how some women from the North wanted to work toward abolition of slavery by first appealing to the consciences of the Southern women, who then would be able to appeal to the consciences of their slave-owner husbands. Letting God’s Spirit work through women’s Bible studies, and then letting Him work in those women’s families, until eventually all the transformed people became a culture that was transformed. But, alas, the Civil War happened before this vision could be realized.

  2. I didn’t know that your mother-in-law was doing that. That sounds really cool. After reading this article I am more inclined to look for those places that God’s Kingdom is breaking in, in small, unobtrusive ways, I think that this might be a really important discipline for the Christian living in these days. If we don’t advance God’s Kingdom but instead receive or enter it then that takes the burden off of our shoulders.

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