hfft #2

Thursday night Tatiana caught a bass that was 11″. Good looking fish but it took us forever to get the hook out. That brings the family total to:  42.5″.

Not bad, not bad at all.


6 thoughts on “hfft #2

  1. Applause!! Your kids are troopers! My uncle promised never to take me fishing again. I screamed as I saw the fish flapping towards me as I reeled it in. Then I refused to touch it & much less take the hook out! Sick! …he kept his promise.

  2. harrison won’t touch the fish – he wears his spiderman gloves when he goes fishing, just in case.

    i’d love to see you two trying to fish! 🙂

  3. Next thing you know Paul will be claiming to having gone fishing with the disciples. This smells of one big fishing story. 😉

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