Love and Fear: #1

“When we are afraid we don’t love well.” – Samir Selmanovic

I am reminded that the Bible says, “Perfect love casts out fear.” So is love a remedy for fear? Or, does fear quench love? So when we struggle with loving it might serve us well to ask the question, “What do we lose in loving this person? What do I lose or what is God asking me to give up?”


4 thoughts on “Love and Fear: #1

  1. hey Paul I didn’t realize you had your own blog – where have I been! Anyhow I believe God is asking me to give up selfish ambition, give up pride, give up my doubt, my judgement, my $, and so bascially that means I need to lay down my life. To have fear is to not believe what God has promise us in Christ and through Christ. I have to admit I have to hold every thought captive when dealing with loving the unlovable, it’s risky I can botch this command “love your neighbor” especially if there are differences that can cause friction between us. hummmm-sounds like fear huh?

    Paul what if a couple came to you and said, “we love each other will you marry us?” but in the course of the conversation the bride-to-be is an unbeliever. Now that is “Love and Fear” what’s your spin on that?

  2. I actually just linked this up earlier this week. I have meant to do this for sometime so I can post on things that aren’t specifically Wheatland Mission oriented. I want to be able to talk about all kinds of things, the sacred and the mundane, so this was a good outlet.

    I have to say that your question on marriage is a good one and I’ll give a bit more thought before I comment. However, the reality of loving the one unlike us, the unlovely or the one who is difficult to love is not an option but a central part of our life in Christ. At the same time, however, loving someone doesn’t mean that we do what they necessarily want. Nor does it mean that we are just nice. Love is bigger and usually more difficult.

  3. yes I agree “loving someone doesn’t mean that we do what they necessarily want. Nor does it mean that we are just nice.” In some situations showing love by tough love is very difficult, painfully difficult. But sometimes loving a person means allowing them to fail-but not giving up on them either. Whew!…it’s a fragile blance. Don’t you think that sometimes we need to practice being nice as we are seeking God through prayer to help us to love?

    I also thought of Moses’ mother how she gave him up to the enemy. Abraham had to lay down his Isaac. Hannah gave Samuel to Lord. Queen Esther putting her life on the line. There are so many more that gave up things all in the name of love. Sometimes love hurts!

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